Our Strategy

Our organization builds upon this foundation with a skilled work force that has diverse industrial background and in-depth understanding of the current challenge facing the sector such as ongoing changes in technology,globalization, outsourcing ...

Our Mission

FMSCO has the resources and employed highly qualified and widely experience multinational Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Craftman combined with the used of modern equipment and construction techniques, whilst particular attention to Safety...

Our Vision

FMSCO has been presenting with some of the finest development in history of Saudi Arabia. Our steady achivement have established our selves as leading premier developer in Civil Construction, Electrical and Mechanical Project, Road Construction...

Our address

Secheme West, Al-Aujam No. 3

P.O.Box 3646 Dammam 31481

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: 013 920000597

Our Behaviors

  1. Live the Company Values
  2. Focus on Operating Excellence
  3. Act With Speed
  4. Communicate Openly
  5. Collaborate Across the Company

Our Policy

FMSCO provides whole-life sustainable solutions for building and infrastructure project from initial business case through design, procrement and delivery into going aftercare-creating, constructing and maintaining physical assets.